As a teenager, I found myself victim to a teamspeak driver RAT—I lost my entire CSGO inventory, and was devastated. I wondered how another teenager, on the other side of the globe, was able to cause such damage to my computer.

While starting to understand the basics of security, I was also in the process of applying to college. One night, while clicking around on the webpage of a technical school in NYC, I noticed that their password reset process set a suspicious cookie. Digging deeper, I found that this cookie disclosed incredible amounts of personal information, despite my browser being un-authorized. Although I did not end up attending the college in question, I reflected on how exhilarating the discovery and disclosure process was—and proceeded to change my major to Computing Security.

Overtime, my interest in security has only grown—I have competed in several blue team and CTF events, including UB Lockdown and IRSec with gratifying results. I have been fortunate enough to work with incredible people at Area 1 Security and Mandiant, and hope to continue growing and improving as a security professional.